Thursday, August 12, 2010


So you know how I was telling you guys I get my jeans at Buffalo Exchange?! Well I was there hunting for some Big Star jeans the other day and found these amazing patterns (along with several vintage dresses)!

Seriously these patterns are totally classic! The kicker?! They were only $5! For a vintage pattern?! I don't think they knew what they had! So I grabbed the ones that I thought I would wear if I got around to making them!

This Vogue Paris Original pattern designed by Nina Ricci and retails anywhere from $55-$150! Nina Ricci now designs for Bergdorf Goodman! After some research I found out this pattern is from the 1970s. You gotta love the internet! This pattern looks to be a classic coat and living in Arizona I only have one "heavy" coat that the rest of the world would probably laugh at because it really isn't that heavy. It does have 3/4 length sleeves that I think I will extend to make it a real coat. Not sure what color yet maybe a candy apple red that would be nice.

This Vogue Americana pattern is designed by Chester Weinberg. I couldn't find exactly when it was printed but it was in the same batch as the other two. I found another pattern numbered 1929 that was printed in the 70s. I can only guess that they were numbered consecutively. Looks to be around the same time! This is probably my favorite pattern of all I love that square cut armhole and I've never seen anything like it! This will be at the top of my list once I find some awesome fabric! I'm thinking bright yellow below the belt and a vertical stripe of grey and white on top. I'm thinking a jersey kind of fabric so it flows a little nicer this looks to be polyester or wool of some sort and I want it to drape a bit better and not be so rigid.

This Vogue Couturier Design is designed by Belinda Bellville. Again I couldn't find exactly when it was printed but it looks to be from the 1970s as well! It is a misses one piece dress and pants. I think it is really cool looking. I'd probably only make the dress and I'm thinking nautical style. Like red white horizontal strips as the undershirt part with a navy blue outer coat!

I am totally going to make all 3 of them!

I found most of my information on so vintage patterns. I also found a great link on there about vintage sizing here. My patterns are size 14, 10, and 12. Which basically equate to 6, 2, and 4! Apparently vintage patterns are sized differently?! Who knew! I am about a 4 so there probably wont even be a ton of resizing to do. But I will measure myself just to be sure. Since all the patterns have a measurement chart to help you decide what size to make! There are excellent resizing instructions here just in case!

I'm off to Buffalo again to see if they have any of the patterns left, for the simple reason that I just like to look at them! Even if I never use them, might be fun to have!


Melissa said...

I really like the second pattern, the one by Chester Weinberg

stephanie said...

...i hope you're gonna share!! xo

barneyn said...

wow! great find!! all three are darling!!!

Kelly said...

Those are AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE the dress. I am in the same boat with the coat but maybe you could make it out of a nice light material for fall? So cool!

Kitschalicious said...

OMGosh! These are AWESOME!!! I'm so jealous right now! I found some older patterns at Goodwill once, but they were like mid-90's and not very stylish. I probably should've bought them and stored them for 20 years. They may be worth something then. Darn it! Why couldn't I have thought of that earlier!

Great find!