Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well...should we get started? Pattern voting!

Ok guys! I am so excited you want to learn! SO...should we pick a pattern? I've been scouring the internet for fun, funky, FREE patterns. My absolute favorite jumping point for searching for free patterns is Ravelry. It is sort of like the Ucreate of Crochet/Knit-world. Well almost. They do have alot of not free patterns. That are actually really reasonable if you cannot find a free one anywhere. Sometimes I get sick of searching and break down and buy the patterns.

So here is what I came up with for some free and easy starter patterns.

This sweet little bag by Tangled Happy. The size can also be easily increased!

Really really cute slipppers! By Ohmygoodknits. I have a pair of slippers similar to this that I got at Target and I LOVE them. So incredibly comfy!

To brim or not to brim by Vallieskids. I LOVE that little one on the end with the strap across the front and buttons on each side. Who doesn't want a cute knit brimmed hat? This pattern says it is for a baby so I'd need to make one first and adjust the size to fit an adult. But there is a good amount of give in the yarn so I dont think it'd be a huge issue.

Fingerless gloves. By Julia Crossland. I think these are beautiful. Picture your favorite colors!

Beautiful yarn necklace by creativeyarn. So simple and beautiful. This is probably the easiest project on the list.

Uhm, seriously? These are adorable! Either for Momma as ear warmers or lil girls as a sweet headband! Also by Tangled Happy.

Leave your vote in the comments section. I'll leave voting up for the rest of the week and weekend, then we'll start gathering supplies!

EEK! I'm excited!  I want to make everything on the list right this very minute!

Love and Hugs,


stephanie said...

the necklace is SO you! but the hat with the strap is SO hailey and bellie! love you!

Ranae Broadhead said...

i vote the ear warmers!

J. Camille said...

I love them all but am voting for the fingerless gloves!

Leigh Anne said...

I wanna make them all too and I don't even know how to crochet! Had such a hard time deciding but gotta go w/ the slippers :) Whatever the outcome, I'll play along. I'm a complete novice, though.

Amy said...

I vote slippers! So comfy!

Debbie said...

I vote for the slippers, I spend a fortune every winter buying slippers like these.

Katie said...

I vote the hat since that is the reason I want to learn to crochet! My second vote would be the ear warmers since noone has voted for the hat yet. So excited!