Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Appliquéd Foofa shirt

Do you watch Yo Gabba Gabba? Isabelle is OBSESSED with Gabba (how we shorten it in our house). Her second birthday obviously was Yo Gabba Gabba themed. I made her this shirt and thought I'd type up a little tute on how I did it. Because it turned out awesome...if I do say so myself! I made one for Belle and of course last minute Hailey said she wanted one too. Eventually I made one for Nona (Tracie's youngest) for her birthday. Super quick, simple, and amazingly cute!

I found this image on NickJr.com specifically for making t-shirts so I didn't feel like I was infringing upon any copyright laws.

Materials List:
A blank t-shirt
small pieces of either felt or fleece (yellow, light pink, dark pink, white, red)
Foofa print out
black fabric paint

I printed out the image on just regular printer paper and cut out each of Foofa's features (flower, middle of the flower, head in a teardrop shape so you can overlay the flower, petal collar, eyes just the whites, nose, and mouth). Then pinned them to the coordinating fabric and cut out each feature.

Then carefully stitch down each piece. I used a zipper foot so I could go right to the edge. Since you are using either fleece or felt you don't have to worry about it fraying and stitching ripping out. Start with the head because it is the largest piece and everything else will be layered over top of it. Add the flower (on top of her head) and petal collar. Finally the white eyes, the yellow middle of the flower, nose, and red mouth. This will create a nice layered puffy effect!

Finally when everything is stitched down get your fabric paint out and paint on the outline of her eyes, eyelashes, and iris. Let it dry and watch your child's face light up with happiness!

The shirt in action! Belle's 2nd birthday.

Belle's flower hair bow, just like Foofa!

And a few more pics from Belle's birthday just for fun! 

Mommy and Belle being silly...well Mommy being silly!

Belle digging into her cupcake...you can tell she is totally smiling! Love it!

As I'm finishing the post I am realizing that this shirt is kind of hard to photograph. I think it is because it is somewhat stiff. Trust me it looks WAY cute! You could really use this technique to make ANY character your child's little heart desires. I wont tell if you wont!

Love and Hugs,

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Anonymous said...

Love the party! I am also doing my daughter's 2nd b-day in Gabba. Are you interested in selling that adorable shirt??