Sunday, September 26, 2010

White Elephant Wednesday Volume III, er Craigslist Sunday?

I thought this week I'd try to go to a different thrift store. Why? Why? Would I want to tempt my fate and try something new? Really I dont know! I checked a goodwill...nothing. I checked savers...nothing. I even ventured out and stopped by 3 antique stores. And my conclusion. I need to stick to The White Elephant! The antique stores were outrageously over priced and those other thrift stores were filled with nonsense. I dunno maybe it is because I am used to getting things at garage sale prices $25 for a broken kids rocking chair just doesn't fly for this frugal Momma!

For whatever reason I couldn't get The White Elephant this week. You see they are only open from 9-12 Monday thru Saturday. Of course the only time I could go was at 2pm on Sunday! HA!

So I ventured to craigslist. There is always something good on craigslist and there are few things on my list that I have been stalking craigslist for.

Here she is in her new home, right in the entry way!
Centered below the beautiful candles my BIL/SIL got us for Christmas :)

SCORE! There was a 1930s steamer trunk on there for $50! YEAH! Those things sell for $200-$400 all the time on there. And the icing on the cake? It is from Saks 5th Avenue!

I swung by and picked it up on my way to Lee Lee Asian market and it is in mint condition on the inside. Maybe a little dusty but other than that perfect! The other side opens up and you can hang your clothes up there. It has 3 wooden shirt hangers and 1 pant hanger. I don't know why I forgot to photograph that park but she is now sitting on that side and I'm not strong enough to flip her over and take pics myself!

The outside definitely needs some love and attention. There is rust on most metal pieces and the leather definitely needs some polishing. But I will give that sweet baby all she needs! I'm kind of torn on how much I want to clean it up. I vacuumed all of the dust and stuff off of it (the people who had it kept it outside, how sad) and wiped it all down with a damp cloth. You can tell the leather used to be brown but is now an olive drab sort of color. I think the leather definitely needs some love but I kind of like the rusty, worn look on most of the hardware.

She was made by Hartmann right around the turn of the century so as early as 1910! But the gentleman who sold her to me said she had been in the family since the 1930s. Hartmann made it exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue. Kind of cool!

It is what they refer to as a turntable wardrobe steamer trunk. So on one side you have this wonderful logo. Not sure what ABD means?

And on the other side you have the turntable. You would keep it in your room on a ship or train with the  turntable to the ground and then you could spin it around to whichever side you needed to get into!

Did I mention she is really really heavy!? She's gotta be at least 200 pounds. How did people travel with those things? It doesn't even have wheels...did they have dolly's back then? 'Cuz the poor guy I got it from did not :(

Love and Hugs,

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