Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dressing Room stool makeover

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I bought this stool at the White Elephant {only my favorite thrift store ever} for $5! My friend Monica spotted it and thought it might make a nice photo prop. Light and easy to transport. The ideas of what I could do to it were instantly swimming in my head. I bought some of this fabric from this etsy store and went to town matching paint colors, tightening joints, reupholstering seats, and distressing wood!

I didn't take any before pics because honestly I wasn't going to post this. But I just LOVE the way it turned out I couldn't not share it with you all!

This is what I came up with...

Love, love love the turned legs! 
I started by painting it solid black. Which in hindsight I don't think it really needed it. Maybe just a primer instead next time.

Then I matched a teal-blue color with a color in the fabric (the smallest flower part was my favorite color!). Put at least 2 coats, 3 in some places on.

After it was dry I sanded some wear spots, where I thought it might have been loved the most (like the back of the chair and around any raised edges.

Finally I grabbed some glaze (latex based which dries clear) so I added some black acrylic paint to it and rubbed it on with a dry cloth. Then rubbed the excess off with another dry cloth.

I finished it off with a quick spray of clear spray paint. To prevent the paint from chipping.

I think the entire painting process took about 2 hours. But it was a warm, sunny, slightly breezy day. The paint dried quickly and I was painting a couple different things at the same time. So I actually got 3 projects done in that 2 hours.

Love and Hugs,


Kara said...

LOVE it. The blue is so pretty

paige.fuentes said...

this is amazing! hi btw im a new follower :) although it seems you've been away for a while. hope everything is ok :)