Monday, June 14, 2010

A Few Introductions

Hello. I'm Tracie (the procrastinator). I have two adorable little monster girls, I'm married to my best friend, and have a bear of a dog BooBoo. I procrastinate about everything, cleaning, laundry, meal planning, craft projects. You name it I can put it off! Except maybe going to see a Twilight Movie! I do get things done eventually just on my own terms. Scrapbooking is my favorite craft but I'll try anything that involves glue, spray paint and creativity.

Hi! I'm Jessica (the planner). I have two sweet and beautiful little girls, an amazing and supportive husband, and one wonderfully playful little doggy. I plan just about everything to a T from my family's meals each week, everyday activities, even what crafts I should accomplish for the week. Seriously I am a planner. This is a good thing though, I get things done and feel accomplished at the end of the day. Not to say I dont ever procrastinate. Because I do! Just not usually when it comes to crafts...we'll leave the procrastination to the housework! I love to sew, craft, scrapbook, take photos, spray paint anything that doesn't move, and just craft in general.

Tracie and I became friends in 2006 when Hailey and Emma (our older daughters) were just little. Hailey was less than a year and Emma was just over a year (they are almost exactly a year apart). When we were part of a monthly craft night and became fast friends. Back then we mostly scrapbooked and made greeting cards. Since then we've expanded our crafting horizon to include many, many other things.

In 2009 Tracie's husband Brian took a job out of state. At first it was so surreal we knew we'd stay friends, we knew we'd see each other again, and we knew this move wouldn't be the end of our friendship. In March of 2010 I made the first trip (of many I'm sure) to see Tracie. In the months before the trip we planned many crafts, a trip to Cincinnati to see Taylor Swift, and all the different places we could eat at. We accomplished many of the crafts we had planned, had a blast at the concert and ate some great food along the way. I think on this trip I truly realized how much I missed crafting with Tracie.

Since then we spend just about every night on the phone together talking about anything and everything but mostly the crafts we are doing. Usually followed by an email of pictures and then a detailed explanation of how we did it. So the other could do it also if she wanted to!

And so our crafty blog is born!  If we still lived 15 minutes away from each other, I’m positive we would still be crafting together like we used to.  Since we no longer live down the street from each other and can’t craft during nap time, we decided to start this little craft and life blog.  Here we will chronicle our lives, all of our crafts, funny stories, and maybe even a sprinkling of recipes.  We’ll share our experiences with each other and with you too! 


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Alysa said...

I love it! So glad you girls started a blog together. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)