Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girly Girls Tea Party

My friend Monica and I took the girls up to Madera Canyon for a tea party last Monday. The girls had a great time so I thought I'd share some fun pictures with you all! As you all know we had been planning this for awhile. I needed to make the cupcake tower and the table cloth. We really wanted to go all out and give the girls a really great experience!

Madera Canyon is about 5500 ft and only about 40 minutes southwest of Tucson. So it is the perfect spot for a daytime getaway from the summer heat. Here in Tucson we are almost always over 100 degrees and it is monsoon season which means we get these crazy storms in that late afternoon/ early evening almost everyday! On this particular day it looked like it was going to rain first thing in the morning and it did actually sprinkle on us a couple times but not even long enough to mess up our hair! This cloudy, overcast kind of day made it perfect to get some really awesome pictures!

The menu consisted of peanut butter and jelly flower shaped tea sandwiches, mini cranberry orange scones (or "stones" as Hailey likes to call them), mini birthday cake doughnuts from Starbucks, and fresh strawberry lemonade for "tea".

Monica and I decided the birthday cake doughnuts weren't worth the calories! They were just ok...

The day before I gathered some things for the little girls so they'd have a little party favor and something to play with after they had their tea and snacks. I found a bunch of stuff at Michael's in their dollar section. The hit of the party was this little crown shaped palette of lip gloss. ALL the girls love it and seriously it keeps them busy for hours! They use it as lipgloss, eyeshadow, and even nail polish. They also got a bling bling ring, some stick on earrings, a princess ribbon dancer, and of course some princess barrettes.

They embellished straw tea party hats with some pretty flowers.

And just had a good time being care free little girls. If you haven't thrown your daughter or son for that matter a real tea party you totally should! To see the look on their face while we were setting it all up, opening their presents, and decorating their hats was the best gift a mom could ever ask for. It made all the late nights SOOO worth it! We are building memories, what more could I ask for?!


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

What a fun idea for a blog and a friendship. Glad to know Jamba does the trip for your kids too, Jess! I do need to get some Pirate's booty. I haven't bought any in a long time and I forgot how much my boys live it. Great tip! Thanks!

Terri said...

What a great idea. It turned out great. I am going to try to make that adorable cover and have tea party with my oldest and her cousin. Thanks!

Amy said...

I found your blog from I heart naptime. Love the ruffled tablecloth and the idea for an all out tea party. Now- I'm off to build some memories for my own kiddos- thanks for the inspiration!