Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry Ladies :(

Hey Ladies!

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile we've had a LOT going on lately. My youngest daughter has been having "episodes" that look similar to seizures and we've been having a lot diagnostic testing done, and running around to different doctors to find out exactly what (if anything) is wrong with my sweet little pumpkin.

BUT I have been working on things, just no time to post about it...Here is one thing I'm working on that has been completed. That lovely little ruffle table cloth for an Ikea table. I'll get a full tutorial up tomorrow! :)

This picture is of the tea party my girls had with their friend Chloe last week. Hailey (my oldest) is the one with the long dark hair, Bellie has the yellow butterfly antennas on, and sweet sweet Chloe (and her Momma) were gracious enough to drive 40 minutes up to the Madera Canyon to have a tea party with us! More on the tea party later!

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