Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crafts from Valentines past :)

Last year I really should have had a blog! I think I accomplished more last year than I have this year. BUT all of my accomplishments were what spurred me to start this little bloggy. SO I thought I'd show you what I was up to last year. I was sort of obsessed with wreaths.

Here are some I created for Valentines Day.

Burlap heart wreath. I LOVE this wreath. So simple, clean, and beautiful! It literally took a half hour to put together. With a grand total of $6 how can you go wrong? 1 yard of burlap $2.99 and 1 spool of red ribbon $2.99, I had the wire and "bling"!

Here is a link to the tutorial, although I think it is pretty self explanatory. :)

And since we only have a double wreath hook. I HAD to make one for the inside too! Or vice versa. 

So can you tell what this is made of? You guessed it...cupcake wrappers! All that went into this baby was some hot glue styrofoam mold and lots and lots of cupcake wrappers! 309 to be exact! Complete with cupcake wrapper flower, covered button and leaves! I LOVE that it looks like carnations! 

Jenn over at Tatertots and Jello is responsible for this amazing tutorial!

Finally, I made these cute little xo xo frames. 

The flash caught the glass balls but I assure you they are NOT glowing! haha They are actually very shimmery and pearlescent.

Another great idea by Jenn! Here is a link to the original.

I have these cute little hearts on my list to whip out. Probably at least 3 or maybe 6 (depending on how easy they are) to throw on my entry way table. And I think I might make a little Valentine's bunting. Maybe print and frame a Valentines printable or two...there are so many great printables out floating around now. I love it! But other than that I think I will just work on finishing other projects that have been in-limbo for WAY too long!

What are you guys creating for Valentines Day? I'm always game for another!

Love and Hugs, 


Tricia Lee Riggio said...
I gave you guys the stylish blogger award. Good job

Dacia said...

Thanks for the blog visit and sweet comment! Love all your valentine crafts. So wish I had more time to make more too :) Great tutorial you just posted. That's one skill I don't have.