Saturday, February 12, 2011

What?! WOW...Thanks!!

I was SOOOO Honored the other day when I received a delightful little comment from Ms. Tricia over at Baby Night Night Boutique letting me know she nominated me for the stylish blogger award!

I mean seriously?! Sometimes I feel like I'm out there rambling on to myself! haha I still think it is amazingly incredible that we can all be so close through the internet! Share our creativity and be cyber blogging BFF's!

So here are the rules for the award...

1. Thank and Link back to the blogger that awarded you

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 12 discovered bloggers

4. Contact bloggers and inform them of the award

Here goes! 

1. Thank you, thank you Ms. Tricia for this little award! It seriously made my day! By the way Tricia has some serious talent and is the creative mind behind Baby Night Night Boutique. If I were YOU. I would head on over to her Etsy and browse around a bit. There may just be a little giveaway coming up here shortly! (like Monday...I'm just sayin')

2. So seven things about me...I shared quite a bit here but here are a couple more!

  • I live in the middle of nowhere. I mean sort of...we live in a neighborhood but it is in the middle of nowhere. Seriously it is like 10 miles to the nearest grocery store! We do have a "corner market" which most people refer to as a gas station! haha Fortunately carry a good amount of grocery staples if you dont mind the 300% markup! 

  • All of my close friends have moved away or are planning to very soon. This is a big thing for me lately. I feel like I'm driving people away. haha Seriously my two bffs moved away (a year ago and 6 months ago) and my other two closest friends are leaving in March and April. What the heck people? Am I really that bad? I'm starting to think it's me...

  • If I dont exercise I get really anxious. This is sort of a new discovery for me. I eat right with the exception of drinking a tad bit too much coffee and maybe too many sweets. This coupled with not exercising makes for one anxious and nervous Momma! I seriously lie in bed at night worrying about things until I fall asleep. So my goal is to workout more to burn off some of that anxious steam building up inside my head!

  • I replaced the kids tums with bottle cap candy. The babes thought they were candy anyway now I dont feel guilty for actually giving them the tums when I dont think they really needed it. The bottle cap candy looks the same and are just as chalky! haha

  • I take really really HOT showers. I mean I turn the water all the way to the hot side! It makes my eczema worse but I LOVE it! 

  • I dont have any brothers or sisters. I'm an only child. I dont think I have only child syndrome though. I somehow escaped unscathed!

  • I had a bird named Baby, she was a Cockatoo (I think). She was all white and had a peach chest. She especially loved to cuddle in bed. I know odd, right? Especially for a bird but she really did have such a big personality! Not once did she ever poop or pee in my bed. I think she knew I'd be upset with her. When I moved away from home I left her there. 

3. 12 discovered bloggers. Hmmm...I'm just gunna go off of my blog roll and who I check every. single. morning. 

By the way, I LOVE that my Mac gives me a big blue star on a page when there is a new post! It shows up when I hit command + T to view a new tab. I dunno how I got it that way but I heart it! That way I am efficiently checking blogs! haha

7. Creative Mommas

8.  Ruffles and Stuff {even though Ms. Disney is not technically blogging anymore, she still does sporadically and I LOVE every single post of hers!}

12. Delia Creates

Just so you know they are in completely random order just off the top of my head! I Love ALL of them the same! :)

4. Now I'm off to notify everyone! I can't wait because I was so stoked, I hope they will be too!

Thanks again Tricia!

Love and Hugs,


Karrie Wheeler said...

Jess, I am not at all surprised at your nomination for this award! You are amazing! And I am so sad we are moving but it's definitely not you. I will miss you terribly and we will be back to visit for sure, and eat sweets. ;0)
Love you!

overachievingmom said...

That's awesome Jessica! And hey -- just because your closest friends moved away doesn't mean you are alone! It just means more room in your life for some not-so-close friends to become closer! :)