Friday, February 4, 2011

Tighten 'em up

Ay yay ya! What a day! I told you guys it was ridiculously cold here yesterday even compared to the rest of the US. We are usually much warmer than everyone so it was a fun (and by fun I mean not so much) day yesterday. Because we are usually warmer our water pipes are outside (not inside or underground). They are completely exposed to the elements. Usually it's not such a big deal. But they froze the night before (Wednesday night) and we went without water until 4pm yesterday! Thankfully my neighbor let us borrow some pool water to flush the toilets! Last night when the hubs went out to cover them up a little better. In hopes to prevent a re-freeze he realized they had CRACKED! AHHHH! So he spent most of the day with a friend of ours fixing them!

Luckily I did get pics of the next couple rounds taken and have finally finished editing and adding directions to them this afternoon.

Without further ado today we will be working on tightening up the opening so that the slippers stay on our feet!

It doesn't really matter what two loops. Just as long as you get two not just one :)

Again whichever two are calling your name.

The pattern says to continue working down the side. 23 single crochet. This means that there should be two single crochets into each double crochet. So one in the top half and one in the bottom half of each double crochet. 

We will now work on a specialty stitch. Written in the pattern it says sc3tog or single crochet 3 together. We want to work them into one single crochet to tighten up the opening a bit so that the slipper stays on our foot.

Work a single crochet into each of the next five double crochet "v" spots. Until you reach the other corner. There should be 2 more double crochet "v" spots left to work.

Work your way to the back of the slipper and slip stitch together. Then finish off like we did at the end of the last post. 

And just so you know... my children do NOT always cooperate with me taking pictures. Because they don't nap anymore I have to get creative with keeping them busy while I snap away! Today I locked them let them play in the shower. AFTER the hubs and his friend got the water back on. Hailey sprays shaving cream on the shower doors and writes or draws in it while Belle LOVES to play with a little cup and an old makeup brush! She calls it "painting her nails". Haha!

We've got a busy weekend so we will do the trim stitching on the slippers on Monday. AND Just in case  these slippers aren't cute enough I'll show you how to make a flower to attach to the top of the toe area! SOO cute!

Again, if you have issues leave them in the comments!

Love and Hugs, 

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