Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For all you lefties out there!

So sometimes I'm sort of a space cadet. I mean really I got pregnancy brain (obviously when I was pregnant) twice. And well, it never really came back. haha So I forgot about all you lefties out there. After trying unsuccessfully to photograph myself awkwardly crocheting with my left hand. I decided to just link you guys up with someone who really knows what they are doing with their left hands!

I found this lovely little lady Teresa on youtube and she really knows her stuff! The only catch. Instead of her showing you exactly the pattern we are doing you'd have to learn the individual stitches and follow along with the pattern over at Oh My Good Knits. This is just one of her videos if you click the little blue rectangle under the title of the video that says "subscribe free crochet" it will take you to her "channel" on youtube. Where she has many many more videos to view for absolutely free!

Hopefully I've taught you all enough to be able to read the actual pattern. But Ms. Lisa over at Oh My Good Knits has really illustrated the pattern very well and if worse comes to worse you could just do a head stand and read your monitor upside down! haha just kidding!

I'm sorry I'm not better with my left hand! :( I hope this helps!

Love and Hugs,

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