Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's day card!

This idea is floating all around out there in blogland! I think it originally links back to 24-7-365? I LOVE it so I decided to make some for Hailey!

All in all I think they cost about the same or maybe a touch more than regular store bought Valentines. I paid $4.90 for the pictures then 2.50 for the lollipops. Giving us a grand total of about $7.50 after tax. Not bad and SUPER adorable. It did take a bit of time maybe a half hour of shooting, editing, and uploading.

Hailey loves them! She literally gasped when I showed her the first one this morning. She then proceeded to help me tape the lollipops on the back! I think later today I will have her write each child's name on the backs of them. Just to reinforce what they are learning in preschool right now.

Here are a couple other shots from our little mini shoot yesterday!


Can someone please tell me why it is when I blink she gets bigger?! I mean when did my little tiny sweet baby get so big?

Oh and just so you know, yes she insisted on wearing lip gloss! Her lips are pretty red though, they always have been! But the gloss seamed to catch the light jusssst right. 

Love and Hugs, 


Karrie Wheeler said...

Oh Jessica, you have out done yourself once again! Love these! I so wish my brain worked like yours, and my idea for keeping them is to put them in a box, you know- so they can't get any bigger??? Love your sugars!

Beth Anne McCann said...

Cute card! Your daughter is beautiful!

J. Camille said...

The cards are adorable and your daughter is a beauty!