Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family portraits 2010

This weekend my cousin, the family and I headed out to finally take our holiday pictures. She shot all of the "family shots" (anything I was in) and I shot anything I was not in. She really did an incredible job and I am so thankful she didn't get irritated with me yelling "zoom in!", "get this!", "get that!", "No, move a little this way.", "get lower", etc. I suppose I was sort of a backseat photographer so to speak! Anyway we had a lot of fun and got some really incredible shots along the way!
This was Hailey posing for me! See hand on the hip foot turned out...

I think we found the only tree in all of Southern AZ that is actually changing color!
Throughout these pics you can see all of my hard work in creating all of our portrait pieces and how they all came together in the end! Sunday morning (the day of the shoot) I realized I had forgotten to make hair pieces. So I threw our hair pieces together. I like how they came out and if you are unsure about any of them I'd love to show you how. They literally took 30 mins for all three. The most time consuming part was choosing how it all went together!

This one's my fave!

Sweet Sissies!
Precious Belle looks like a big girl!

uhm..yeah! They look like their Daddy! Isn't he handsome!?

Story of my life!

Ok so I know I've been a bad blogger. I never posted the tutorial for the makeup bag hopefully I can get that up tomorrow. But for now I'm going to try and fold my way out of this laundry pile that keeps building up walls around me!

Love and Hugs, 


Alysa said...

Love the pics Jess!

Kelly said...

Shut up girl! I was totally deciding between that shabby apple dress and another to buy with the giftcard I got. You look smashing! The girls look adorable and your hubby's tie turned out great!