Monday, December 20, 2010

It's her birthday!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe my baby girl turned 5 years old yesterday! Seriously it blows my mind how time has flown. I know it sounds cliche but it was just yesterday I was snuggling her in my arms.

Some fun facts about you right now:

  • your a major Momma's girl
  • you love to cook, clean, and fold laundry and in your words you are "learning to be a Momma"
  • you can draw, color, paint like no one's business! 
  • you are very creative and are always making something out of fabric scraps and notions

  • you love animals. Not just our animals, ALL animals (something you've inherited from me!)
  • you say you don't like school but when I pick you up you are having a blast with your friends
  • you are incredibly intuitive. You always know when anyone is upset.
  • you want to learn to sew. 

  • sometimes I think you don't like your sister then I catch you being nice to her and it makes me smile!
  • you "mountain bike" down the hills in the backyard "just like Daddy"
  • you love to play outside, swinging, sliding, making sandcastles and sand cakes!

Happy Birthday sweet Hailey! I love you so incredibly much and am so honored to be your Momma!

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butterflytam said...

What a beautiful post! :)