Sunday, December 19, 2010

This Weeks Bounty!

This week will be our last bountiful basket pickup until after the New Year. So I wanted to be sure and get a pic of it as well as a meal plan to make the best of what we got. Whenever I have to actually purchase produce I never know what to get, I feel sort of lost. I have to make a meal plan BEFORE going to the store instead of making it around our produce. It seems I've gotten used to the co-op! I am also not nearly as adventurous when I have to pick it out myself!

In our basket this week we received:

2 LARGE heads of romaine lettuce
1 small butternut squash
1 bag of red grapes
1 - 3 lb bag of fuji apples
9 bananas
5 yukon gold potatoes
8 sweet potatoes
8 roma tomatoes
2 large and 1 small zucchini
5 pomegranates
6 green chilies
1 honeydew melon

Our meal plan for the week will look something like this:

Sunday (today): Spaghetti with turkey sausage and whole wheat pasta.

For spaghetti I usually add in TONS of veggies since marinara sauce disguises the taste and I can get some extras into the babes! SO I added a yellow squash (from last week), an onion a zucchini, and all of the tomatoes. Everything is diced up finely except the tomatoes, we like it kind of chunky! For the actual marinara I used some that I canned over the summer. If I didn't have this on hand I'd use Trader Joe's tomato basil, and if I couldn't get to TJ's (its about a 45 min drive for us) I'd use Newman's Own plain marinara (sold at any major grocery store). I started the sauce today around lunch time so all the veggies get really soft and palatable. Later tonight when I prepare dinner I will cook the sausage and slice it and serve it all over whole wheat thin spaghetti.

Monday: Left over night

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry- using the other zucchini, an onion, green bell pepper (from the store).

Wednesday: Left over night

Thursday: Alysa's Black bean sweet potato enchiladas. With the addition of some shredded chicken and red enchilada sauce. No need for a side with this dish, everything is all wrapped up! SOOO delicious!

Friday: Christmas Eve. Not entirely sure yet. We don't have plans so maybe I'll get a small ham for just us and do a small Christmas Eve dinner. Fresh green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Saturday: Korean Christmas dinner with my husband's family. I'm in charge of the bulgogi!

Sunday: We'll probably have leftovers from Christmas and/or Christmas Eve.

All of the fruits will get eaten as snacks throughout the week. If we get to the end of next week and I've still got apples left I might try making apple butter. I still have a drawer full of honeycrisps, as well as almost all of the apples from last week, plus 3 more pounds this week!

Not entirely sure what to do with the butternut squash, I don't really care for squash nor do the kids or the hubby so we'll see what i come up with!

What are you doing with your basket this week?

Love and Hugs,

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Alysa said...

Thanks for the link to my enchiladas! I think I might make them tonight :)