Friday, February 25, 2011

Amigurumi pattern voting :)

YEAH! I'm so glad you guys share my excitement!

So I went and googled amigurumi and found some crochet patterns. Apparently amigurumi are more commonly knit? There were TONS of knit patterns. But I cant knit, my hands just dont work that well together...

Anyway here they are. I tried to pick some that could be for either a little boy or girl (or you!). But keep in mind the colors you pick can definitely change the gender of an item! You can click on the link to view the whole pattern if your too excited to wait and follow along and already know the basics. Some of them are on free sites that may require a log in like ravlery and lion brand website. I've got logins to them and they don't send a bunch of spam. Which is always nice :)

This cute little guy is rated beginner. I think he/she'd be adorable in a pale purple. I'm sure Hailey would call it a Hefalump!

Who doesn't love a cute little owl? This guy is so sweet!

These little monsters are cute enough to not be too scary. I think I'd make them brighter but that's just me...

Love, love, love matrioska dolls! I am kind of obsessed. Although if I made this I'd have to make like 4 and scale either up or down depending on how big this one turned out! Again in brighter, fun colors!

This little guy is tiny! He is meant to be a keychain but I think I'd put him on a necklace!

This cupcake is much bigger. Still SUPER cute just more for say...your child's play kitchen?! Would also make an excellent gift with maybe a cupcake pan!

These would be perfect for Easter! Just trying to think ahead.

These monsters are really, really cute! Hailey said she wanted one of each! By the way this chick has some AMAZING patterns in her etsy store for sale! Really incredible life like amigurumi patterns!

Meet Lily. She is really cute and a super easy doll. Obviously this would be for a little girl. No way to really make this one unisex but I had to throw it in because she is SO cute and on the website (Sugar n cream, a yarn brand) there are many many different options to make her special and unique. Like changes of clothes and even a Billy (boyfriend)! haha

This is Magdalena and she is by my favorite amigurumi pattern writer ever Ms. Mia @ Owlishly. Keep in mind you can change her hair to be whatever you "style" you like and also change her outfit's colors for a bright fun doll!

Let me know which one is your favorite (and your runner up, maybe we can do two?!) in the comments. And we'll get started! I'll leave pattern voting open for one week even though I'm sure there'll be other posts going up....

Love and Hugs,


Margo said...

oh so hard to choose. I would have to say the little monsters and then maybe the easter eggs. So fun.

Erica said...

Definitely the little monsters!!

barneyn said...

i vote for the elephant!
runner up- the monsters!

Amigurumi said...

The elephant is the cutest of them all. And it's easy to make so definite win :)

Anonymous said...

Lily would be my first choice..little rainbow colored monster are also a fav:) Kimberly V