Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chirpy D Photography

I finally got around to putting up a blog of some of my latest photography work. I have shot for people (only friends) here and there but I wasn't officially for hire. I am still shocked anyone even likes my photos!

Chirpy D Photography

Check it out if you have a minute. This is all stuff that I've shot this year even though I've been doing stuff here and there for about 5 years. I thought if maybe someone wanted me to take their picture maybe just maybe I could make a little bit of extra spending money doing it!

So if your in the greater Tucson area or Phoenix area even (we go back and forth a lot) I'd LOVE to take your picture! Photography is right up there with sewing, my two favorite things to do.

I am so thankful that we can afford to have me stay home with the kiddies, therefore enabling me to be as creative as I can be and pursue things that I truly adore.

Love and Hugs,

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