Wednesday, October 6, 2010

White Elephant Wednesday Volume V, er...antique hunting!

This week I was on a mission! I have been wanting some blue ball jars with the original zinc lids for a while. I had been hunting the white elephant and they never had any (next week I'm sure they will! haha). I was starting to get impatient so I went around to some other antique shops while the babes hung out at Grandma's house.

I stumbled upon a little shop called Christine's Antique Shop or the "Elegant Junque shop"! Cute name huh?! They had an adorable little red 1960's radio flyer car out front that first caught my eye. Along with some other randomness that made me think this might not be such a froo froo (high priced) antique shop.

While the little car ($100) was a wee bit out of my price range ($20 buckaroos) I decided to look around some. This shop had some REALLY cool stuff. And the owners are trying to consolidate to one store (currently two stores side by side). So anything that didn't say "firm" on it was 50% off and/or negotiable!

They had some really cool vintage crates (on my list of wants). But I was on a mission! "Ball jars, ball jars, ball jars," I kept telling myself. So I quit looking around because I was about to spend ALOT of money and asked one of the shop keepers if they had any of the jars. YIPPEE! They had some. In fact he told me that he had an unlimited supply of them in their stock room. I MAY go back and get more since they were only $5! Maybe I'll go back next week and get some crates too!

You might be able to tell they are all a little bit different. The first one on the right is the blueist and is a bit more bullet shaped than your typical canning jar. The second one in is what they call "sea foam green/blue" and still bullet shaped. The third one they have now added the word "perfect" instead of just "mason" and it is now starting to take on the typical shape of a canning jar. The last one is about the same as the third except the font and placement of the wording is slightly different. From what little research I've done this basically means they are all from different years. From what year exactly? I'm not sure but this seller on etsy has a list and I may just be cooky enough to buy it to find out exactly what year these jars were produced!

See how the first one is more bullet shaped? Up there towards the lid it is more rounded!

Your probably asking yourself WHY exactly I want blue ball jars?! Well my friends let me show you! You can make handy dandy really cool soap dispensers out of them! Shown here. Or you can put a few little flowers in them and use them as a vase. Shown here. Why yes, you can make lanterns out of them! Shown here.

I suppose they don't NEED to be the blue ones. But I heart them. There is no rhyme or reason... you could do any of these things with regular clear ones. The blue ones just give it a more rustic, vintage feel. Don't ya think!?

I'm off to finish those pettiskirts! Today is my deadline I set, I'm pretty proud of myself though I just need to finish assembling. All the ruffles are ruffled for BOTH skirts! And I'm starting to remember why I vowed never to make a pettiskirt again. :)

Love and Hugs,

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