Monday, October 25, 2010

Who's been painting my roses red?!

Finally, finally, finally finished Hailey's Queen of Hearts (Red Queen) dress yesterday! Oh dear Lord I was drowning in that costume. But it was a good challenge for me! I often do things that are safe and not daring, new, and challenging. This time it was all new and challenging. The ONLY pattern piece I used for this dress was part of the bodice (front and back) from Belle's Alice costume. Only I didn't include the yoke in the bodice piece. I was planning on doing a tute but it was really complicated and it is almost Halloween so maybe I'll save that for next year.

I based this costume off of Tim Burton's Queen of Hearts. Here are a couple screen shots from the movie.

And of course Ms. Kathleen's version that she made last year for her little pumpkin!

When I finished it and showed Hailey she said in a very firm voice, "I am NOT trying that dress on one - more - time! Until Halloween..." and then pranced away to do something incredibly loud with her partner in crime (Bellie and Bailey)! Hence the reason for pictures of it hung up instead of on my actual little model.

The collar proved to be the most difficult part for me. I wasn't exactly sure how to make it attach to the back bodice without making the zipper run up the middle of the back of it. So I made it removable! I added a bit of fusible velcro to it (btw, never used this before and was pleasantly surprised at the hold! seriously you gotta try it sometime!) and I can just snap it in after I get the dress on Hailey! To me it still isn't quite right but it will have to do. I botched 2 of them and this was the least offensive of the 3. I'm sure that Hailey could care less, she loves it all the same!

I added the beading using some coin embellishments by the yard as well as pearl embellishments by the yard. Hailey really likes how it kind of jingles when she walks! Also, to make the deep v-neck I made a bit of pintucked fabric just like Tim Burton did in the original Queen of Hearts dress. These weren't difficult at all and I may just use them again in another little girls dress because they really do add alot to the dress!

For the sleeves I used some black lace with red ribbon and a couple buttons around. Finally, I added some off white vintage lace for the cuff of the sleeve.

And these cute little heart buttons to the upper sleeve cuff that I found at the craft store! The upper sleeve part is super puffy and has strips of ribbon every couple inches. I opted for a fitted armband over an elasticized arm band because I liked the way it looked!

The back is complete with zipper (thrifted for 20 cents! Woohoo!) and big red bow to cinch it in at the waist and accentuate the fullness of the skirt.

I know, kind of hard to tell by the pictures but it really is full especially after I put that pettiskirt on underneath it!

The outerskirt is twice the length of the inner skirt and I used pickups to make it look all full and bunchy! I may go back and do a couple more after looking at the pictures.

All in all I am happy with the way it turned out and Hailey loves it so what more could I ask for?! She keeps saying, "Mom, after Halloween can I keep it as dress up?! And wear it everyday, whenever I want?!" To which of course I reply with an enthusiastic,  "YES! Of course, baby!" I am so proud that she will cherish this costume and love it as much as I enjoyed working on it! Even though it was long and drawn out and challenged me in new ways I really did enjoy making it.

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CraftyMummy said...

This costume is gorgeous! The detail is amazing!

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Jessica, You have done an incredible job! Looks amaing and I bet your little princess is thrilled! Thanks so much for linking to The Sunday Showcase party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured thison my first round of showcases; please feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn