Wednesday, October 27, 2010

White Elephant Wednesday Vol. VI

So I admit I have been a wee bit distracted with sewing Halloween costumes lately. And well, it's finally getting cooler here in Arizona. I am absolutely enamored with the weather and how much fun the babes and I have in it!

I realized I've been severely lacking in the board game department so I've been on the hunt for some. I found some at Bookman's (a book/magazine/movie/game resale/trade-in kind of store) but even still they were not much less than what I would pay for them new so I kept searching. And hit the jackpot this week at White Elephant!

We got Life - Monsters Inc. version. The girls just love Monsters, Inc. so this was right up their alley. I opened it up and it has ALL of the pieces. I am really amazed at how many games contain all the pieces because we seem to loose them left and right!

We also found Sorry (the 1972 version) which is only fitting! Also with all of the pieces AND all of the cards according to the directions.

Finally Monopoly, again with everything. Maybe missing some money but I wasn't about to count it all out.

We found some pretty and unique pillow cases that I thought would make fun pillowcase dresses.

And finally tons of fun colored vintage lace and one blue zipper (used for Hailey's costume, so it is not pictured). Also some off white vintage lace that has disappeared....hmmm. I better go check the babies kitchen which is where they usually stash stuff they aren't supposed to have. Anyway, I just love getting my notions at the White Elephant they are soooo much cheaper than buying at JoAnn's (even with a coupon) and often times even more unique and fun!

All in all I spent a whopping $11! Woohoo!

So have you guys found anything interesting lately?

I'm still on the hunt for a cool old crate (or two or three), an old radio flyer wagon so that I can make this, maybe some glass candle sticks, glass apothecary jars so that I can make these, and whatever else strikes my fancy while hunting!

Love and Hugs,

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