Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yes, Ms. Alice

I finished Isabelle's Alice costume today.

I really like the way it turned out. I may still embellish it a bit. I thought some off white lace trim on the bottom of the apron would be pretty. I also need to finish her off white pettiskirt that will go underneath of it. But the dress and apron are complete. Woohoo!

I used this simplicity pattern. But I purchased it from this seller on etsy for $4! She was amazingly quick at getting it to me and it was a wonderful transaction overall. In the end I remembered why I don't care to sew from Simplicity patterns. I made some changes to the pattern because I was too lazy to make didn't have any bias tape to match. I'm more of a make it up as you go kind of sewer. But it did help me kind of think about the structure of and how to tackle Hailey's dress. 

I am feeling a little bit better about the deadline of Halloween. I have 28 days left! I have started setting some goals and a time line as to what needs to be done by when. I want to have the pettiskirts done by this Wednesday. We'll see how that goes! Then I will start on Hailey's costume all the while searching for things for my costume. I think we finally decided with the March Hare because he goes well with the Mad Hatter (for the hubby).

How is your Halloween coming?

Love and Hugs,


Kelly said...

Super cute jess! I am supposed to start on an Alice costume for our little friend and totally putting it off ha! I guess I should get hoppin!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

So stinkin cute!

Jessica said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your costume turned out beautifully and your daughter is a DOLL! I will definitely be making more of those posters so stay tuned. I posted a Twilight-themed one tonight! :)


AUDRA said...

SOOO cute!! Love it!

Bratling said...

Very cute! Alice is probably one of the easier costumes to make, simply because it is a very basic kind of little girls' dress with a basic pinafore. This year, I'll be going the easy route--I'm making a "fairy crown" and a "fairy dust" bag to go with my niece's RTW wings and dress. The dress was a birthday gift from my SIL's best friend, and it was cheaper to buy the wings than it was to make them. pipe cleaners, ribbon, hot glue, and ribbon roses will make the "crown", and all I need for the bag is a few scraps of pink satin and some glitter.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I have this same pattern and am planning to use it to make my daughter a Minnie Mouse costume. I'm a novice sewer, so I'm hoping I can handle this pattern!

Your dress is adorable!

two of a feather said...

super cute! where did you get the pattern or tutorial for the pettiskirts????????????