Friday, October 29, 2010

Her Royal Highness

The Queen of Hearts is NOT the Queen of Hearts without a proper crown. Awhile back I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to make a dress up crown. I followed the directions but changed the shape and assembly quite a bit to achieve that tiny little crown for the Queen of Hearts.

You see I didn't need it to fit around her head rather on top so I left the velcro out and just stitched the two ends together. I also didn't need it to be quite so large so I made my own template instead of using hers. Although I still really think that her original crown is so completely adorable and will be making a few for some homemade Christmas gifts out of fun scraps!

Finally, I hot glued it to a head band which can be covered up with some hair from the wig. It will look like it is just sitting on top of her head. Which is exactly what I wanted! I was a bit unsure how I would bobby pin it and was leery of how well it would stay.

Eventually I will get pictures of all of us all dressed up and in full makeup! Maybe Sunday before we go trick or treating I'll have my talented photographer sister in law snap a few pics of all of us together.

Oh yah, almost forgot to mention that I also think this would make an excellent Frog Prince Crown! Just in case any Princess Tiana's out there have a Prince Naveen little brother! You never know...

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